Held for the first time in Paris, “The Art of Re-Invention” seminar moved, in its second edition, from Paris to Jeddah gaining more speakers and an “East meets West” multicultural dimension.

The seminar aimed to bring together women from different walks of life and cultural traditions to discuss ways of regenerating ourselves personally, professionally and spiritually drawing from personal life experiences.

In line with the liberating and refreshing significance implicit to the word “Re-Invention”, the event targeted people who feel the urge to turn page. People willing to use creativity to start a business, overcome fear of failure, rediscover the enthusiasm and curiosity of the child within themselves and attract people and things they love to their lives.
The seminar also represented an opportunity to meditate on the common challenges women face all over the world regardless of their cultural upbringing and rediscover the importance of being each other’s teachers and allies.
Through our way of thinking we are constantly in the process of shaping our life. The hope is that by allowing different narratives to interconnect we will discover the one narrative of ‘Love’ and allow this positive energy to transform us. 

19 MAY, 2014     Athr Gallery, Jeddah

L'arte di RE-Inventarsi



Miki Turner                                  Toni Scott                               Ahd Kamel                             Sofana R. Dahlan                               Sarah Al Dabbagh