Narrative Visive sull'Arabia Saudita



Miki Turner                                     Roberta Fedele


Italian and American photojournalists Roberta Fedele and Miki Turner, two women, two different cultural backgrounds and visions but a same passion for immortalizing spontaneous moments with a strong sense of narrative. 


Fedele, who spent almost 8 years in Saudi Arabia, and Turner, who visited the country in May 2014 for the first time, combined their long-term and spontaneous impressions of this colorful land through a photography exhibition called: 4 Eyes, 2 Lenses: Visual Narratives of Saudi Arabia.


Fedele, who is also founder of AMUSE, decided to arrange this photographic exhibition as a tribute to Saudi Arabia, a country that she perceives today as her second home and that she is about to leave soon. 


Sponsored by Tamer Group, A.K. Saeed Group and Lallo Restaurant, the exhibition ran between November 26 and 29 at Kondakji Atelier.

26 NOV, 2014     Atelier Kondakji, Jeddah